New releases

In order to make releasing a new version slightly easier, this project has been set up to use Zest-releaser, which will need to be installed on your local dev machine:

pip install zest.releaser[recommended]

The [recommended] adds a number of optional packages that make Zest-releaser more convenient.

To use Zest.releaser: rather than copy-and-paste the excellent instructions from their docs, here is a link to their documentation.

Note that the prerelease command has some custom hooks in order to:

  1. Run all the unit tests before a release.
  2. There is no 2!


In order for Django-Fiber to be uploaded to PyPI, you will need write privileges.


Translation strings are managed through Transifex - here’s the Django-Fiber project page.

The intention is to always have several Transifex maintainers (at present there are 2).

If you are listed as maintainer on Transifex, here’s a checklist of common actions that you can perform:

Pull from Transifex

Get translated strings from Transifex and add them to your local copy of the project - the following assumes that you have already set up your connection to Transifex on your local computer:

cd <fiber folder of project>
tx pull -a --force compilemessages

Push to Transifex

If any strings in the project have been modified, they need to be sent up to Transifex for translation:

cd <fiber folder of project> makemessages --all
tx push --source --translations